#AIAccelerator2020: Valentino Di Bon’s experience

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2 min readAug 31, 2020

Following a great first week of the Machine Learning and Software Engineering Tracks, which taught me lots about each area respectively, it was the start of the TeensInAI 2020 Accelerator. Despite being completely digital, it was very well organised, and all the speakers were great and very engaging to listen to.

The first few days were centered around design thinking, and through discussions with my team, we decided to focus on mental health in teens and empowerment.

Several days (and pivots) later, we had arrived at what was going to be our solution — an app that provided hobbies for teens to keep them in good mental health. At that time, it was the end of the first week and we soon had to start developing the product and everything about it. I spent time designing the logo and the prototype, as well as the website. By the time those tasks had been finished, our team had refined hobbi8 into an exact idea. At this point, it was halfway through the final week and I started working on the pitch deck and our presentation, as well as setting up social media accounts. I was also reaching out to several different influencers and course owners and
managed to negotiate a partner into our business (yay!).

From here, it was time to practice the pitch with our team and then the demo day!

Overall, it was an excellent experience and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in AI, computer science or even just business in general.

Thanks to Elena and all the mentors, it has been an excellent three weeks!


For more information about the AI Accelerator: https://www.teensinai.com/accelerator/

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