The creation of BikeOzone at TeensInAI ’19 — Michael Adjei

The last 2 weeks has been an amazing experience spent with Acorn Aspirations Teens in AI programme. Design thinking and AI building has led my team to the fruition of BikeOzone — the app which gets you paid whilst cycling. In terms of cultivating the idea of the app, my team and I had participated in a series of design thinking workshops, in which we did thorough research and joined in brainstorming activities to make sure the app solved the intended problem. We made sure to understand the problem we were tackling so that we could tackle it in a variety of different manners (whether it be an app service or a product etc.). Moreover, in terms of technicalities, I participated in machine learning courses that the programme held in which I learnt about linear and logistic regression models and I was introduced to other foreign concepts that I was previously unaware of in the machine learning world. The range of speakers that gave presentations throughout the programme provided a great and wide perspective on the issues of AI and the ethics behind it. In a world where technology can be praised so much, it was good to be made aware of the dangers and faults, which implies to us that improvements can still be made and that we have not yet reached its potential.

By Michael Adjei

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