Teens in AI Accelerator 2019 Day 3

Day 3 of the Accelerator promised to be a thrilling day and did not disappoint. The events took place in two different locations, the BBC Broadcasting House and the Accenture Liquid Studio.

At the BBC, we heard from multiple exciting speakers: Marie Helly and Laura Ellis, who spoke on tackling fake news and working with technology to combat the issue and Jeanette, who works as part of BBC Young Reporter. She spoke about spotting misinformation and the process conducted by journalists to check their articles. They informed us of previous cases of fake news, about deepfakes and how they are implementing artificial intelligence with their work. We also got an incredible tour of the Newsroom and a chance to look at the various sections of the building.

After returning to Accenture, we continued to work on design thinking. We conducted a really helpful exercise on what we did well, what we didn’t and what we could improve on after our pitches for our ideas. I believe it is safe to say that after lunch we had an extremely productive session where we developed our problem solving and innovation skills and continued to build on yesterdays’ work.

We then had the chance to listen to two more inspiring speakers: Logan Graham from Babylon Health and Ben Coombes from PwC. Logan spoke about his background, programming and machine learning, and his journey to where he is today. He left us with his key message: to always follow your passion. Ben spoke about climate change and optimising the use of artificial intelligence to help with achieving goals, including global warming and disaster relief. Both talks were very engaging and informative, and gave us lots more inspiration about our projects as part of the accelerator.

Overall, the third day of the accelerator was full of intriguing talks, learning and exercises and we are very excited for the rest of it!

Powering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Technologists in #AI @teensinai #TeensInAI #GirlsinAI #MCStartup2016 Founder @elenasinel

Powering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Technologists in #AI @teensinai #TeensInAI #GirlsinAI #MCStartup2016 Founder @elenasinel