Teens in AI Accelerator 2019 Day 2

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3 min readAug 22, 2019

On our second day of the accelerator, we made huge progress, both in our design thinking and in our understanding of AI and the culture and ethics that surround it.

We had 5 speakers: Nicholas Oliver, founder of people.io; Jessica Morley, AI lead for NHSX; Ben Gilburt our Ethics Hours speaker; Miles Payling, co-founder of C see the signs; and Anthony Rix, an admiral who gave insight on how AI may change the way the navy operate at sea.

Personally, I found the talk by Nicholas Oliver very eye-opening. Learning all about the data from our online activity and who can see it, as well as how it is used by all the third parties we gave consent to without even knowing.

Although both Jessica Morley and Miles Payling were both about AI in health, they were very different. Whilst Miles explained how C the signs helps cancer be diagnosed in its early stages when there is a much higher survival rate, Jessica spoke about how NHSX is trying to make the NHS technology-centric, even if right know it is 17 years behind!

Ben Gilburt explained how geeks will rule the world in an autonomous future and all the ethical questions that arise from this and Admiral Anthony Rix, although he didn’t understand AI himself, he posed very fascinating questions about how AI can help captains use the relevant data to make decisions faster

Our design thinking today was very effective. Although many teams pivoted and changed their ideas (including my own), everyone was on track, which was inferred through the copious amounts of post-it notes on every surface! We were taught about scrum, lean and agile, to help us be as well-organized as we could.

Overall, the second day was jam-packed with talks, scrums and design thinking, and speaking for my team, got us all very excited for the coming days!



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