TEENS IN AI-2018 DAY 5–24TH AUG’18


Day five continued at Wayra, with the teens set on working hard and achieving as much as possible. Digital marketing consultant and social media specialist Laurie Wangmade growth marketing come alive through an interactive workshop. After explaining marketing 101, Laurie then described the new digital marketing channels, and asked the teens questions before sending them back in teams to develop their answers in more detail. She challenged participants to get to know their businesses, and to ask themselves questions such as, ‘what problems am I solving?’, ‘what are the benefits of my product?’, ‘what is my value proposition?’, and ‘why should people care, given all of the noise out there?’. This prompted teams to revaluate decisions they had made, and to think more deeply about what they were trying to achieve. Team members found her talk “very inspiring and helpful in refining our service” and “she came at the right time when majority of groups [were considering] pivoting”.

Following Laurie’s session, the teams returned to building their products, and were challenged to be critical of their work, it’s applications and prospects. This was the end of the first week, the mid-way point and a natural time for reflection. Emem Rita Usanga, UX & UA Specialist, helped the teens to do so, resulting in 3 teams deciding to pivot.

Closing out the day, digital marketing specialist Harvinder Bhogal from BallinDigitalshared his perspective on work-life balance. “I want life to be at the centre of my life”, Harvinder said, and urged the teens not to “get [plugged] into the matrix”. He discussed what he does, his life journey, and also encouraged the teens to be individual and to be true to themselves. Teens found his speech “very eye opening”, “engaging and cool to listen to”,“motivational”, “enjoyable” and “thought-provoking”.

Originally published at Acorn Aspirations.

Powering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Technologists in #AI @teensinai #TeensInAI #GirlsinAI #MCStartup2016 Founder @elenasinel

Powering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Technologists in #AI @teensinai #TeensInAI #GirlsinAI #MCStartup2016 Founder @elenasinel