Teen Acceleration Programmes, a Parents Perspective of one of them

Acceleration (noun); the derivative of velocity, with respect to time. But, the velocity of what?

My sixteen-year-old son has been active for about a year, with a local education startup, Acorn Aspirations, that aims to empower teenagers with the skills and attitude to emerge as entrepreneurs and tech leaders. And, this seems a good time to summarise the changes I saw in him.

Teens in AI Bootcamp (London Spring 2018)
Demo Day Nerves


Looking back, his relative velocity is against himself; the self that he abandoned in December 2016, when he said: “I don’t want to go to school anymore”. Dedicating time to a good teen accelerator gives you an advantage over your peers of being more employable, having cultural visibility, being more connected to the industry and receiving personal development advice from successful business people.

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