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3 min readSep 16, 2019

Between the 19th — 30th of august, my team (Euan Cortes, Lara Glenn, Jasamrit Rahala and Rachel Talabi) met during the TeensInAI Accelerator where we not only became friends but developed something in the hopes to make this world a better place.

In the first three days of the Accelerator we worked with the Innovation team at Accenture Liquid Studio who taught us about design thinking as a framework, helped us explore United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and decide on what our team wants to focus on. The three that we were encouraged to focus on were: quality education, climate action and good health and well-being, although we could focus on any other pressing issues if we wanted to, our team mainly focused our view towards quality education.

With the area of quality education being so vast we had to pinpoint a particular issue and create a niche. After some deliberation we decided that a matter that we felt was a highly pressing matter, but also was a problem that all of us resonated with, this being bullying as we all know of someone who has been bullied if not ourself. We ideated about the problem at hand, realising that people across different environments all faced this issue, School, Home, Online and Work hence the name of our team — S.H.O.W. Our product/solution was A platform for bullied victims to receive emotional support during their rough time, through the use of a personalized chatbot that acts as that friend who gives that gives great moral support.

But before we could develop our product we first had to do some market research, creating a survey for primary research and finding secondary data to find how big our market was and how to actually solve the issue. We also needed to construct a unique value proposition that would make us stand out compared to the very basic solutions already out there.

The last two days were then used to prepare our pitch. We listened to Anthony from Enterprise Academy who gave us a talk on how to best create a pitch deck that worked well with our product and what we wanted to say in our pitch. We then created our pitch deck and prepared our lines for demo day.

As out pitch neared, our team came closer but the nerves began to build, but come the pitch and we smashed it out the park. We described the problem, our solution, unique value proposition and explained our business model. The judges questioned us heavily on the ethical issues surrounding our topic, which we believe we answered maturely, appropriately and correctly.

You can view our pitch here.

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