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3 min readDec 8, 2016

We had a meeting with our clients, the AcornHack2016, Base2 team who were awarded our prize to have their idea developed to a minimum viable product for them to then take forward in whatever way they choose. We met at the British Library and Emily worked through priorities with the team to start to develop a set of requirements. This was a great effort by the Base2 team (3 of the original team). Their idea is a revision app through which a user can build a personalised revision experience by selecting their subjects, choosing topics from those subjects and then working through a set of activities before taking a test with a mixture of multiple choice and written answers. Progress is stored and can be monitored by the user and, eventually, by parents and schools. The team also want, eventually, for there to be a competitive element and a chat room.

We are really grateful to the Base2 team for their input and were really impressed with the way they had thought about accessibility and the importance of accuracy.


NEXT, we had our first working session, at CodeNode, Skillsmatter. This was an evening session with an informal induction, a brief introduction to Agile and Scrum, a look at the requirements and some time to set up the development platform for all of us. We will be developing in Grails with Angular and our first challenge is to get similar IDE environments working on Mac OSx, Windows 7 and Windows 10. We nearly achieved this but Windows 10 is proving a bit of a challenge.

We welcomed our three work-experience students, Riaz, Jake and Ryan. All have a different set of knowledge and language experience and all will be valuable contributors to the project in different ways. At our next session we will complete our sprint planning and development will get underway. We have a data model and some outline object definitions and a lot of optimism. I am really looking forward to working on this project and with this team. I know we will learn a lot, grow individually and build a great team.

As our session was in a public place, we attracted some attention and Adam, a tech lead and Java developer, joined us. His experience of Agile and Scrum and his comments about the employability of our young team after their participation were very welcome.


It’s great to be up and running and I look forward to a successful project.


Co-founder, futureCoders

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