Revi-C app handover — An end to our first pilot

  • to gather a team of students to work with a professional, volunteer developer
  • to use Agile and software craftsmanship working methods in relation to the development of a simple app
  • to develop an app from the idea of the Base2 team in their AcornHack2016 team entry, with some client communication
  • to provide between 6 and 8 days of work experience for up to three full-time students
  • to explore opportunities for students to progress in an appropriate way
  • four full working days (mostly focused on development but with some planning)
  • three evenings (mostly planning but with some development)
  • a team of 4: 2 student developers (Jake and Riaz), myself (sort of lead development) and Emily (product owner, project manager). One student dropped out after the first evening. Sadly we haven’t been able to get a response from him to find out why.
  • a PostgresQL database, tables created and populated, documentation and scripts for creation and population on a new server
  • a set of Java classes (subject, topic, sub-topic, activity, resource(video, past paper, multiple choice)
  • a set of Java REST API controllers (subjectlist, subject, topic, sub-topic, activity, vidResource, ppqResource, mcqResource, vidResult, ppqResult, mcqResult)
  • angular javascript with the following functionality:
  • get a subject list to populate a menu
  • get a topic list to populate a sub-menu on selection of a subject
  • get a sub-topic list to populate a sub-menu on selection of a topic
  • get a list of 3 activities to populate a list on selection of a sub-topic
  • get an activity resource to display the activity and a space for user comments on selection of that activity
  • check and display the results of the activity sending the user’s answer to the API and receiving feedback based on a set of key terms.
  • a set of documentation to help with the development of a front end to fit with what the team want from it.

- Karen Scott



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