Preparing the next generation for their future — Educ8r at #TeensInAI19

Our team (Aasman, Ahana and Idris) are Educ8r. We prepare preschoolers for their future.

We met on the first day of the accelerator. We were put into teams based on our personalities. We had to all say a couple of facts about ourselves to get to know each other a bit better.

For the first few days we worked on design thinking . We were encouraged to tackle one of the three UN global goals, Climate change, Health and well-being or Quality education. However, we were allowed to tackle any of the others if we wanted to. Our team took a vote and realised we were the most passionate about ‘Quality in Education’. Then we had to think about what aspect of Quality in Education we wanted to focus on: our group seeks to help children develop their senses (such as hearing, sight and touch) from a very young age, as well as their logical thinking.

To answer this problem we thought about a game in which children would select images and hear the matching word. Listening to the word, they will have to form it using the letters in a grid. To form this word, they will have to move a character who will fetch the letters in the grid. The fact that each of us came from different backgrounds has helped us to bring our touch to our project, thus making it original.

The biggest challenge was finding a good solution to this problem. We went through different concept before finding our project. We think we have managed to overcome this challenge by being creative. We all try to work on the project little by little. We still have a lot to do before we finalise it. Group work is essential (such as: splitting the job, helping his teammate when he encounters a problem etc), I think this is the key to our project.

What we found very pleasant during the accelerator was working on a project on which we are motivated to do it. In addition, we felt more active during the accelerator because we were working on real problems.

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