Nasa Space Apps Challenge — TEENS Taking on the Challenges of Space

  • Can You Build a…? The challenge in this category will ask contestants to use NASA data to show how to create a variety of things from buildings, to robotic helpers, to tools for citizen science.
  • Help Others Discover the Earth. Participants will use NASA data to craft a story, game, video or other solution that helps people discover how Earth works.
  • Volcanoes, Icebergs and Asteroids. Contestants in this category will be challenged to analyze NASA data to help anticipate, monitor and recover from natural surprises or disasters, such as damaging floods.
  • What the World Needs Now Is… Members in this category will tackle problems affecting some aspect of life on Earth and on other planets.
  • An Icy Glare. This challenge category will ask participants to use NASA data to better understand, monitor and interpret Earth’s cryosphere (sea ice, lake ice, river ice, snow cover, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets and frozen ground).
  • A Universe of Beauty and Wonder. Contestants in this category are invited to think about space science and exploration.
  • Prepear — An app to help people prepare for natural disasters
  • Pyrot — an app to help people to escape wildfires as fast as possible.
  • Bouncy Hubble — 2d game that involves using images from the Hubble Space Telescope for entertainment and learning
  • Happy-Air- a quiet multi-functional machine that cleans your air, but also clears it of all potential triggers for an allergy attack.
  • SpotAFire — an AI-powered application that enables users to incorporate crowdsourcing technology to inform others about wildfires in their area, without requiring wifi.
  • Mission to the moon- A base on the moon
  • IntuSpace — a mobile app that allows people with an interest in space and rocket launches, to plan trips to see a rocket launch take place in person.
  • Volant — Space Free-flyer
  • Green Launches — A website that tracks rocket launches and shows their effect on the Ozone layer.
  • MartianHealth (MHS) — Martian Health is a wearable device that contains sensors to measure radiation levels, oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature. It will alert user of dangerous levels and send coordinates of user to nearest shelter/ station in Mars.
  • Wild Fire Insights — A crowd sourcing tool to get early warnings of wildfires



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