Izzy Ferrandez, Founder GreenFeast at Internet Governance Forum 2019 #IGF2019

“AI is the future, my future, my generation’s future.” Izzy Ferrandez
  1. What are the core human rights in relation to big data and AI?
  2. How to address specific concerns regarding freedom of expression and access to information and privacy?
  3. How to ensure that data used by algorithms for decision-making is representative? How to develop built-in mechanisms for monitoring discrimination based on data and algorithms?
  4. How to mitigate and prevent the digital divide from widening further in relation to big data and AI development?
  5. How should a multi-stakeholder approach be put in place at national and international levels, to formulate inclusive policy options for harnessing AI and big data?
  6. How to strengthen access to data to reduce entry barriers for new startups?



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Acorn Aspirations

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