Hobbi8 helps teenagers find, develop and maintain new hobbies

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2 min readAug 31, 2020

Hobbi8 started off with so many different ideas, ranging from climate change, empowering victims of violence, to mental health, and education. So we can all say with confidence that our first week was definitely a week which required a lot of research and hard work, so that we could design a product which was most appropriate for our audience. Throughout the first couple of days, we found it hard to find a specific problem that we wanted to tackle, since we were unsure about how we wanted to empower others and most importantly who. As the week came to an end, we were able to send out two surveys, conduct 5 interviews, form a prototype on marvel and decide on the software platform that we wanted to use — react native.

Going into the second week, we felt confident and excited to start building our final product and we quickly established our brand logo and name (which still took a while to decide on the one best fit for us). We successfully created another prototype on Adobe XD in one day, so that we could use the design for our app, programmed our AI chatbot on IBM Watson, then we sadly had to change our coding software to Android Studio from React Native (which is totally normal in the world of coding, you may run into errors but we didn’t let that stop us). We had the chance to talk to some industry experts, build up a valid pitch deck, start networking and build up our business and personal brands. This all took time, and was hectic in the last couple of days; as all teams rushed to finish in time for the deadline — and here we are Friday 7th August 2020! Preparing to pitch Hobbi8 (our app designed to help teenagers find, develop and maintain new hobbies) to a group of judges.

We can assure you, that even though the whole process may sound like it was filled with a lot of ups and downs, it was a really enjoyable learning experience — and just remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to no matter how big or small!


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