Fighting for What Remains: The 35%

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2 min readAug 31, 2020

by Bayzhan (17), Kazakhstan

The Thirty Five Percent

Hi all! My name is Bayzhan, I am a 17-year-old student from Kazakhstan. This is my experience of the Teens in AI Accelerator 2020.

My name is Bayzhan, I am a 17 year old student from Kazakhstan

I had the pleasure of working with: 25 wonderful speakers; 10 Design Thinkers; 10 Machine Learning Engineers; 10 Software Engineers; 10 Business coaches and 40 outstanding students from all around the globe over the amazing 3 weeks.

During Week 1 we had three optional tech bootcamps: Problem Solving, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering. I managed to attend all of them and learned a lot in just 7 days.

Week 2 was spent on Team Creation, Design Thinking, Exploring Challenges, Conducting Surveys, Research, Value Proposition, and Prototyping. We had to develop a project that would be innovative, implementable, technically complex, commercially viable, and socially impactful. We chose to tackle fake news but eventually decided to pivot by the end of the week, which was stressful.

Week 3 was the last week, about working on a project itself, coding, presentation, and pitching. Our idea was to predict future places of deforestation and finding the best places for reforestation based on Earth observation data.

We used satellite images to detect changes in vegetation levels over time by analyzing different wavelengths.

Friday was a pitching day where we presented our project to a really strong board of judges from Mastercard, QuantumBlack, IQVIA, VISA, NHS, and many more. Our team received a prize for technological complexity.

My main position was as a front-end developer. So, I created two websites: first, that demonstrates our prediction model, and second, that shows deforestation to scale.

AI Accelerator was an incredible experience, which will affect my career path for sure. I gained a plethora of valuable skills to use in the following projects and life.


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