Fighting against climate change with GreenFeast — TeensInAI ’19 Accelerator

Acorn Aspirations
2 min readSep 17, 2019

We chose to tackle the carbon footprint of food as it is a climate change contributor that is often overlooked, even though pollution due to food makes up 25% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our product is GreenFeast, a chrome extension that uses AI and machine learning to give you more eco-friendly grocery shopping while you are placing items in your basket. It is designed to be integrated into your shopping experience and requires no manual input so that using it doesn’t affect the time and process that you usually take when buying your food.

When you go grocery shopping, you get a pop-up that recommends alternatives to what you have previously bought.

In order for our product to run, we have been making a database that contains different groceries from some stores and they have been rated for their carbon efficiency, with the key factor being the distance travelled by the item. We would like to add more factors into our product in the future such as the cost and plastic packaging of food items.

We chose to make our product a chrome extension, as we found that other methods would mean more effort for our customers and only having to set up once would help make GreenFeast more convenient.

To sum up, our product is a chrome extension that helps you buy more eco-friendly food.

Team GreenFeast (Radhika Iyer, Valentino Di Bon, Jarrishan Rajendran and Izzy Ferrandez)



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