Classificiation Using Logistic Regression in Visual Basic



Super Important Terms

How does one go about turning a parameter vector and values into a hypothesis?

How does one go about turning hypotheses into predictions?

Wait a second, how do we get the values for θ?

Optimising the Optimiser

  • Record the squared partial derivatives for each feature in an array
  • .
  • Divide the learning rate for each feature by the square root of the sum of the last 10 partial derivatives.

Need even more speed?

Using the code

Function LogisticFunction(x)
'Compute the value of the logistic function given input x
'a sigmoid function has an S shape and is given by 1/(e^(-t))
'e = 2.71... (Euler's number)

Return (1 / (1 + Math.Exp(-x)))

End Function

Function LogisticCost()

Dim cost As Double

'Loop through all the training examples
For i = 0 To exampleCount - 1

Dim exampleCost As Double

If exampleOutputs(i) = 0 Then
exampleCost = Math.Log(1 - LogisticFunction(Hypothesis(exampleInputs(i))))
exampleCost = Math.Log(LogisticFunction(Hypothesis(exampleInputs(i))))
End If

cost += exampleCost


'Take average
cost *= -1 / exampleCount

Return Math.Abs(cost)

End Function
Sub Minimise()

'Simple implementation of adagrad bc no way in hell am I implementing bfgs or anything that requires the hessan
'gradient = X'(h(x) - y)

Dim learningRate As New List(Of Double)
Dim derivative As New List(Of Double)
Dim pastGradientSquares As New List(Of List(Of Double))
Dim sumOfPastGradientSquares As New List(Of Double)

'Initialise all the variables
For i = 0 To featureCount
pastGradientSquares.Add(New List(Of Double))

lastCost = LogisticCost()
deltaCost = 100

'Do this until we converge (the derivative = 0ish)
While (Math.Abs(deltaCost) > desiredDelta)

Dim difference As New List(Of Double)
Dim h As New List(Of Double)

'Reset the derivative
For i = 0 To thetas.Count
derivative(i) = 0

'Loop through the hypotheses and populate the list h

For i = 0 To exampleCount - 1

'Get the difference

For i = 0 To exampleCount - 1
difference.Add(h(i) - exampleOutputs(i))

'Multiply by the features

For i = 0 To exampleCount - 1
For j = 0 To featureCount - 1
derivative(j) += difference(i) * exampleInputs(i)(j)

'Update the list of previous squared derivatives
pastGradientSquares(j).Add(Math.Pow(derivative(j), 2))

'If we exceed 10 things, just remove the oldest entry
If pastGradientSquares(j).Count > 10 Then
End If

'Update the sums
sumOfPastGradientSquares(j) = Sum(pastGradientSquares(j))


'Multiply by Learning Rate for this specific feature and get new thetas

For i = 0 To featureCount - 1
thetas(i) -= (learningRate(i) / (Math.Sqrt(sumOfPastGradientSquares(i) + 0.00000001))) * derivative(i)

Dim currentCost = LogisticCost()
deltaCost = currentCost - lastCost

'We need to look like we're doing something so here's something to keep users occupied
Console.WriteLine("Training... " + LogisticCost().ToString + " " + derivative(0).ToString) ' + " " + derivative(1).ToString + " " + derivative(2).ToString)

lastCost = currentCost

End While

End Sub
Function Predict(x)

Return LogisticFunction(Hypothesis(x))

End Function
Sub Check()

Dim correctlyClassified As Double = 0

'Loop through results and see how many were classified correctly
For i = 0 To exampleInputs.Count - 1

Dim result As String
If Predict(exampleInputs(i)) > 0.5 Then
result = "Positive"
If exampleOutputs(i) = 1 Then
correctlyClassified += 1
End If
result = "Negative"
If exampleOutputs(i) = 0 Then
correctlyClassified += 1
End If
End If

Dim trueClassification As String
If exampleOutputs(i) = 1 Then
trueClassification = "Positive"
trueClassification = "Negative"
End If

Console.WriteLine(result + " and was actually " + trueClassification)


Console.WriteLine("Correctly Classified " + correctlyClassified.ToString + " out of " + exampleInputs.Count.ToString)

End Sub


Other Things to Look Into


Multiclass classification



- Peter the Mentor, age 16



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