BikeOzone’s Creation at Teens in AI ‘19

Our product is called BizeOzone and its aim is to tackle climate change, more specifically carbon emissions that are released by vehicles and public transport in addition to the general lack of physical exercise that people currently undertake in society.

We are making an app that will be able to track the distance that the user cycles, which then rewards them with currency. There will also be a ‘challenges’ function where users will cycle to one of our partner’s shops to get a discount or free item. There will also be a ‘bikesquad’ function, where users compete against their friends to win a prize in the prize pool created by the group.

Targeting climate change and health and fitness was at the centre of our idea, with these problems pressing society everyday and becoming increasingly worrying. We simply cannot wait for change to come but, instead, be the ones who take the initiative and force it to come. This is a significant lesson we have learnt during our time in the AI programme and it is one in which will be kept with us and shared for a very long time.

By team BikeOzone

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