Beginners guide to Growth Hacking

  1. Gain likes: portray your brand’s vibe visually through images that tell your company’s story. You want to use hashtags that are relevant to the image and your brand and keeping a bank of relevant hashtags is handy.
  1. Content and Community: Start by growing a community before you start promoting which builds trust and a network. Constantly add value and engagement on your page by posting relevant and quality content.
  1. Repost the same content a few times to reach more people: This is especially true if you have friends/ followers around the world.
  2. Influencer Marketing: With this, you’d connect with larger and more engaging pages with audiences similar to your target demo and establish a relationship for them to cross share engaging content from your page to theirs.
  1. Authentic content: Tell good stories; make sure you make daily stories and give your followers an insight to what goes
    on behind the scenes in your job!
  2. Great engagement: Use emojis and filters as well as humour to attract your audience and keep a great engageent with your fanbase. Think about your favourite Snapchatters… why do you enjoy watching
  1. Focused on growth- they are always looking to grow their company and themselves.
  2. Addicted to metrics- they never lose sight of their previous metrics.
  3. Ability to execute- don’t just talk, execute on what you say you will do.
  4. Manage your time- prioritize your most important tasks and focus on what really matters
  5. Repeats what succeeded- repeat what gives you positive results
  6. Obsessed with your passion- visualise where you want to be and go for it
  7. Working in baby steps- work in small iterations, break down a goal into smaller steps
  8. Open-minded- listen to ideas and gather inspiration from others
  9. Creative- use your creativity to experiment and work outside the box
  10. Looks for fit- for the content hacker, it’s not product/market fit, it’s content/audience fit



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