#AcornHackAI — How Teenagers Hack Happiness — by Elena Sinel

  1. All teenagers who came to the hack and have blown everyone’s minds with their incredible enthusiasm
  2. Parents, who believed in my ability to inspire their kids and have championed and supported me ever since
  3. The judges:
  • Eunomia (Peter (16), Brendan (16), Zara (13), Noor (13), Caitlin (13), Katerina (13)) presented their idea for an app where young people can discuss mental health problems anonymously at CogX to 1,600 AI specialists
  • Four teams went through to the smart.london hackathon with the opportunity to win £5,000 and a trip to Miami to compete in USA.
  • Aviva gave two prizes, a tour of the Digital Garage for Team Backchat and one week’s work experience for LiveSmart.
  • Team Ani have an opportunity to work with MIND to develop their dedicated app for young women to challenge insecurity around body image and maintain a positive view of life.
  • Teams Peace of Mind and LiveSmart also won the opportunity to learn Android Studio sponsored by Jose Nieto and to receive ongoing mentoring to bring their ideas to life.
  1. Eunomia — help people speak out about mental health and seek help anonymously
  2. Dooze — Interactive phone based app that provides solutions to better sleep
  3. ANI — helping teenage girls battle depression
  4. CitySleepers — helping the city to sleep
  5. Peace of Mind — VR/AI mindfulness app
  6. BuddyBot — helps you find friends in local communities
  7. BackChat — AI coaching app to help those fearing public speaking
  8. LiveSmart — the smart way to stress free life



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Acorn Aspirations

Acorn Aspirations

Powering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Technologists in #AI @teensinai #TeensInAI #GirlsinAI #MCStartup2016 Founder @elenasinel