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2 min readNov 23, 2016

On the weekend of 19th/20th November, Karen and Emily attended the wonderful AcornHack2016 event, hosted by Thoughtworks at their Soho offices. This was an exciting, high-paced event, with talks, workshops and hack time. Aimed at 12–19 years-olds, the event gave young people the opportunity to learn about ideation, about design, about open source and more. Volunteer business mentors helped teams of young people to work through their ideas for new apps and technology. Volunteer developers and designers helped the teams to move their ideas from concept to prototype.

The event was well attended attracting more than the 100 places targeted.

futureCoders had offered a prize for one of the winning teams, to develop their app to MVP. Our team of student developers, professional lead developer and other professional volunteers will form to work on this project.

Sixteen teams pitched on Sunday afternoon. The quality of the pitching was good and there were some fantastic ideas. The things that young people can do, the ideas they have and how they present themselves never fails to amaze.

Our prize was allocated to the Base 2 team whose idea was a revision resource app. The app would have the facility to set up a revision timetable and to link to resources for the subjects to be studied. Resources would include past papers and a variety of interactive learning resources covering a range of learning styles. This will be an interesting development project for us. Having students working on the development might be quite useful in terms of their ability to understand the client’s and user’s needs.

We look forward to starting this project.


Co-founder, futureCoders

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