#AcornAccelerator2017 Day 5 by Liadan Anandarajah

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2 min readAug 16, 2017

We started the day with a Scrum meeting, discussing what we did the day before, what we need to do today, what was urgent and what blockers we had. We had a talk about digital marketing given by Magdalena Dybal which taught us lots about how best to get our companies noticed online.

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We also were given a talk by Ibiaçu Caetano about law and IP which our companies will need. I learnt a lot about what to be wary of and was introduced to some useful resources. Min Teo, Vice President at YoYo Wallet and Core teem at Techfugees, spoke to us about what Techfugees did and how their organisation uses tech and hackathons to create a solution for the refugee crisis and to help refugees.

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We also were given a talk by Cathy White, Founder of CEW Communications & Director at Geek Girls meetup, about her journey and her company. Very inspiring! We finished the day with a retro so we were all on the same page. A very informative day overall!

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By Liadan Anandarajah

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