We began the event with an overview of the upcoming week and exciting activities planned. Shortly after, we were separated into our teams and started discussion about which challenge interested us most and how we thought we could combat them. The teams were chosen to have a range of people in them so it was great to get to know so many different people.

Communication was a struggle when none of us were in the same location but we eventually managed to talk to each other through Zoom and got going with our chosen challenge — Wildfires. With a…

Bismah Hussain

My time whilst participating in the Ada Lovelace AI Hackathon has been amazing. Not only was it inspirational but I learnt so much that I never thought I would. The first week we were given an introduction to how the day would run and what to expect. The agendas were very fun-packed and incredibly flexible which meant I could do both my school work and work on my project.

Once we were introduced to the mentors and our new teammates we started on the projects. The project was based on how we could use AI to help solve…

By Izzy

As a secondary school student, I feel like I understand the many opinions my age group have about technology. Whilst all of us use it on a daily basis, the majority have only ever done Internet Safety lessons, which in my school are compulsory until year 9. However, does the fact that technology is an integral part of our lives mean we must understand fully all the hardware in our phones and be able to create software ourselves?

On the one hand, by exposing teenagers to programming and its applications during school, you are more likely to provide…

One of the common fears that we have about AI is the possibility of job automation — What if we are all slowly replaced by artificial intelligence? The Office for National Statistics states that as of 2017, 7.4% of all jobs in the UK are at risk of becoming automated — But what about teachers?

In the UK, we witnessed chaos unfold after Ofqual tried to use an algorithm to regulate the predicted A-Level grades of year 13 students. There was public outcry as students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds had their grades lowered, sometimes substantially, from their teacher-given predicted grades…

Hi Listeners!

It’s Anisah Rahman, your occasional Co-Host and full time Social Media Manager for the Teens in AI Podcast. I will also be providing commentary through blog posts that I will have written for topics that are incredibly relevant to our podcast episodes.

In light of our first upcoming podcast episode on AI and Education, today, I am unpicking the A Level Algoshambles with you!

In March, the government announced that all national exams, including SATs, GCSEs and A Levels had been cancelled this year. …

The Thirty Five Percent

It all started with the idea of using AI to help protect people from fake news. We started the design thinking process, gathered primary research, and began ideating eventually reaching a wall — the fake news space was highly saturated and so we had to pivot.

Pivoting 4 days into the accelerator program, as dangerous as it rethinks and starts from scratch. We spent a number of hours delving into different topics and passions we had forgotten about. We even considered the possibility of helping young teens with financial literacy. …

by Suhana Sahib

AI Can Help

Fiji, the nation where I was born and started dreaming. These dreams soon started appearing in my mind during daylight and those dreams are exactly the same ones I aspire to achieve each day.

“What’s within you is stronger than what’s in the way.” — Erik Weihenmayer

The AI Accelerator is organised by Teens in AI and enables teenagers to find their inner confidence whilst changing the world. Just like the rest of the teams, my team and I accelerated our project, AI Can Help: A platform that empowers companies with AI predictions and data to help…


Hobbi8 started off with so many different ideas, ranging from climate change, empowering victims of violence, to mental health, and education. So we can all say with confidence that our first week was definitely a week which required a lot of research and hard work, so that we could design a product which was most appropriate for our audience. Throughout the first couple of days, we found it hard to find a specific problem that we wanted to tackle, since we were unsure about how we wanted to empower others and most importantly who. …

by Efia Amankwa

Taking in part in TeensinAI showed me how emerging technology is changing our world.

The experience exposed me to so many different avenues in which AI can be used and gave me the opportunity to use the power of AI to create a product that is able to combat an issue that is important to me.

As exciting as this emerging technology is, I am now aware of how the flaws in our society can penetrate into the way the technology is created — from listening to the frequent talks that were given about AI ethics. Moreover…

by Bayzhan (17), Kazakhstan

Hi all! My name is Bayzhan, I am a 17-year-old student from Kazakhstan. This is my experience of the Teens in AI Accelerator 2020.

Acorn Aspirations

Powering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Technologists in #AI @teensinai #TeensInAI #GirlsinAI #MCStartup2016 Founder @elenasinel

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